Project Duration: January 2023 – December 2023

Project Number: 2022-3-CY02-KA154-YOU-000100466

Project Description:

The idea of the project is to build on the outcomes of the Conference on the Future of Europe, activities implemented in the framework of the European Year of Youth, and consultations in the framework of the 9th cycle of the EU Youth Dialogue on the topic of youth participation.

The main activity of the project was the organization of a 3-day Conference, which was held between 16 and 18 of June 2023, during which the active participation of youth in democratic institutions as well as the upcoming EU elections in June 2024 was addressed. The aims of the conference were to promote the active participation of young people in democratic life in both Cyprus and Europe through a constructive dialogue with decision-makers and provide them with the opportunity to discuss the upcoming European elections that will take place in June 2024. In particular, the conference sought to address the specific needs and views of young people based on the findings of the Conference on the Future of Europe, the European Year of Youth and the results of the 9th cycle of the EU Youth Dialogue in relation to the issues of youth participation, democratic values, transparency, democracy and elections, and decision-making processes. The main outcome of the conference is to develop a policy paper with solutions and recommendations that would empower young people to exercise their voting rights and strengthen their participation and representation in democracy.

The project is coordinated and implemented by the Cyprus Youth Council.

Below you can find the Policy Recommendations.