ERYICA, our partner for the YIMinds project, presents the Mental Health Literacy in Youth Information Work Guide!

This guide is an indispensable tool for youth workers, information professionals, and anyone interested in the welfare of young people in the field of youth information work. Six chapters that cover everything from understanding mental health to empowering youth voices are included, which focuses on the crucial intersection of youth information services and mental health.

It highlights the critical role that youth workers play and supports for their acknowledgment and assistance, placing special emphasis on the transformative partnerships that they can build with institutions and other professionals.

While not trying to take the place of clinical manuals, it is a useful companion that offers resources, strategies, and insights. With a holistic view of mental health, it draws on research, expert consultations, and nuanced insights into youth
information challenges.

Practical tools, such as effective communication about mental health, crisis management, and collaboration with mental health professionals, are offered to enhance the effectiveness of youth work.