What is
Pool of Trainers

The pool of trainers of the Cyprus Youth Council (CYC) mainly consists of trainers coming from the CYC member organisations. The trainers are experts in the field of Non – Formal Education, method which is widely used in youth Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs).

The trainers mainly deal with topics such as voluntarism, peace education, intercultural learning, human rights, environmental education, ecology, individuality, anti-racism, active citizenship, creativity, violent and anti-social behaviour, social inclusion.

The trainers

  • Develop trainings of competences in several topics related with youth
  • Organise and facilitate youth events, seminars and conferences
  • Offer consultancy in Non – Formal Education issues, in accordance with the trainers’ competences
  • Contribute to the promotion and recognition of Non-Formal Education in Cyprus
  • Follow closely and contribute to the development of programs and policies in the educational field