Project Duration: October 2022 – September 2024

Project Number: 2022-1-LU01-KA220-YOU-000089137

Project Description:

The “YiMinds: Youth Information Minding Young People’s Mental Health” project aims to gather different views from various actors like youth (information) workers, mental health professionals, and young people to identify needs and build bridges between stakeholders involved in mental health care.

YI Minds’ specific objectives are to fight against the mental health stigma and enhance the mental health literacy of youth (information) workers and professionals, while at the same time equipping them with the necessary tools to identify mental health distress among young people, offer first-hand support, and refer them to specialized services if needed. Another objective of the project is to foster cooperation between mental health experts, young people, and youth (information) workers and a peer-to-peer approach to mental health and wellbeing through sharing good practices and experiences in different countries.

  • A Survey directed at youth information workers will help the consortium learn about their actions to address young people’s mental health demands and identify their needs in terms of mental health literacy.
  • A Guide for youth information workers, which will equip them to identify mental health distress among young people, provide first-hand support, and, when needed, refer them to specialized services.
  • A Podcast series produced with young people, who will have the opportunity to express themselves about the importance of mental health and well-being.
  • An Awareness-raising Campaign made by youth for youth on social media aims to reverse the mental health stigma, which often prevents young people from talking about their problems and searching for help.
  • A Mental Health Resilience Toolkit for young people.
  • A Joint seminar. The joint seminar will be an occasion to gather youth information workers, mental health professionals and young people to present the outcomes of the project and formulate some policy recommendations.

ERYICA’s Youth Ambassadors for Youth Information will be directly involved in the project. Being already engaged in the ERYICA network and the decision-making process and having been trained in the peer-to-peer approach, they will represent an important asset. 

The project consortium includes seven partners from seven different countries:  


European Youth Information and Counselling Agency (Luxembourg)


  1. IASIS (Greece)
  6. DE AMBRASSADE VZW (Belgium)

More information about the project activities and outcomes is available on the project website: