The Board of the Cyprus Youth Council based on the Article 15 paragraph Α of the CYC Statute would like to announce the launch of the Annual General Assembly on Saturday 11th, 2023 at the new Municipal Council and Events Hall of the Municipality of Nicosia (tbc). 

Please not that Full Members will be able to attend the General Assembly with the number of 2 persons, while Associate and Collaborating Members with 1 person. 

Schedule for the Annual General Assembly: 

1. Discussion and approval of the Annual Activity Report of the Board
2. Presentation of CYC’s international activity
3. Discussion and approval of the financial accounts (for the year ended 31/8/2021).
4. Evaluation and approval of the applications for new member organisations and loss of the Membership status(a)
5. Discussion and adoption of policy papers(b)
6. Elections for President, Vice Presidents, and Board Members(c)

Therefore, attached the following information and support documents:

(a) Applications and criteria for Full and Connected Member Organisations
The General Assembly will offer the opportunity to youth NGOs to apply to become Connected Member Organisations of the CYC. Also, youth NGOs that are already Connected Member Organisations can apply to become Full Member Organisations. Applications and criteria can be found.

The deadline for applications is 11 October 2023.

(b) Information on submitting Policy Papers
The CYC Member Organisations can submit policy papers to be considered for approval by the General Assembly. Organisations that wish to submit documents, must submit them both in Greek and in English. After the timely submission, the documents will be sent to all Member Organisations.
The deadline for receipt of policy documents is 11 October 2023.

(c) Elections for President, Vice Presidents, and Board Members
Elections for the President, Vice Presidents (2) and Board Members (6) will be held at the General Assembly. Nominations can be submitted by Full Member Organisations only. All the nominations must be submitted by filling an application form  together with a short biography of the candidate and a motivation letter* at least 30 days (11 October 2023) before the General Assembly. The candidates must not have turned 33 years old until the date of the General Assembly.

*Note: The Motivation Letter should address the questions “What skills and qualifications do you have?”, “Why should you get elected?”, “Why member organisations should choose you?”

According to Article 11, paragraph H’ of the CYC Statute, any Member Organisation that intends to have a candidate for the upcoming elections must proceed with the arrangement of their financial obligations by October 12th 2023.

All Member Organisations of CYC must fill a form describing the activities they organised or took part in 2023 (until October 11th, 2023).

For further information please contact the Board at [email protected]  or 22878316.

Finally, it is noted that in order to promote the cooperation between member organisations, a designated area will be provided in the hall of the General Assembly for MOs to promote their activities. Any promotional / educational material should be placed in the hall at 8:30 to 09:00.

For further information please contact the Board of the CYC at [email protected] or 22878316.