📣 In the framework of the European Year of Youth – Cyprus and the Weeks of the German Language / Wochen der deutschen Sprache, the Cyprus Youth Council with great excitement co orginises along with Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung and the German Embassy Nicosia, the event titled ‘Being Youth in Times of crises’

📣Most parts of the world have been facing three consecutive crises since 2008 affecting the lives of billions. Starting with the economic and financial crises of 2008, followed by the 2019, COVID-19 pandemic, the general population but more specifically young people have been affected the most.

📉Young people were not only affected by the pandemic when it comes to their health status, but also youth unemployment has risen, their mental health was impacted, their education and rights were threatened.

❗️Against these challenges, the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022 resulted in global political, military and economic hardships that again massively and negatively affect the lives of people around the globe. In a time of crisis and uncertainty like the present, youth voices and actions can all too easily be pushed aside.

🇨🇾Within the specific context of Cyprus, an island that remains divided until today, young people face additional challenges when it comes to the different aspects of their life.

✊This event will bring the voices of young people from both communities of Cyprus to the table, and it will give them the space to express their challenges, views and thoughts for the future.

– Maria Kola, President of the Cyprus Youth Council
– Christiana Xenofontos, Board Member of the European Youth Forum
– Ali Furkan Cetiner, President of Mağusa Gençlik Birliği
– Mustafa Özbilgehan, President of Lefkoşa Gençlik Derneği

ℹ️The discussion will be held in English and it will be moderated by Antonis Kourras, Cyprus Citizens’ Representative on the Conference on the Future of Europe

👇For participation fill the form: https://forms.gle/aWtjom8j3B1mmnJa9