PRESS RELEASE – Elected Vice-President of the European Youth Forum, Ms. Christiana Xenofontos

  • December 1, 2022
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We are delighted to announce that Ms. Christiana Xenofontos has been elected in the position of the Vice-President of the European Youth Forum (YFJ), representing the Cyprus Youth Council (CYC). The elections of the new Board of the YFJ, and consequently her election at the position of the Vice-President, took place on the 24th of November at Tirana (Albania), during the General Assembly of the YFJ. It’s worth mentioning here that this is the first time the CYC runs for the position of the Vice-Presidency at the Board of the YFJ, and the first time that a Cypriot young woman holds the position of the Vice-President, representing the young people in Cyprus.


Christiana has served as a Board Member of the European Youth Forum during the previous 2 years, representing the CYC and the young people of Cyprus. During her two-year mandate, Christiana has been working extensively on the “Youth Participation” pillar of the YFJ. Moreover, during her mandate, she contributed and continues to contribute decisively to the strengthening of the member organizations of the European Youth Forum as well as to the formulation of policy at the European and national level to strengthen the participation of young people.


Through Christiana’s active participation on an EU level, the CYC is one of the closest partners of the European Youth Forum, with the result that young people from all over Cyprus actively participate in programs such as “The 25% Project”, the “Level-up! Festival” and the “Policy Dialogues with the Commissioners”. Additionally, in collaboration with the Cyprus Youth Council and the Labor Committee & Social Insurance of the House of Youth Representatives, Christiana managed to raise the issue of unpaid internships before the Cypriot Parliament.


Christiana is active in the youth field for the last 10 years. Among other roles, she was  a Policy & Programs Officer at the CYC while in 2019-2020 she has served as Vice President A’ for the Board of the CYC. In 2018-2020 she has served the European Youth Forum as an elected member of its Advisory Council on Membership Applications. For the last three years she has been working as a Parliamentary Associate at the House of Representatives in Cyprus.


We firmly believe that Christiana will continue to serve the youth with the same consistency and dedication from the position of the Vice President, while her presence at the European Youth Forum strengthens both the Cyprus Youth Council and the youth of our country.


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