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18th Annual General Assembly Cyprus Youth Council

The Board of the Cyprus Youth Council under the article 15, paragraph A’ of CYC statute, announces its Annual General Assembly. The 18th Annual General Assembly, which will also be electoral for the two consultative…

Meeting οf Cyprus Youth Council with Democratic Party.

In the context of the campaign to get to know the new Board of the Cyprus Youth Council with the political parties, on Wednesday 14fth of September a meeting was held with Democratic Party. Present…


EU Youth Dialogue

EU Youth Dialogue is a process that empowers you, yes YOU!

EU Youth Dialogue is a process, or a tool if you like, that empowers you, yes YOU! The Youth, to speak your mind and express your concerns on the issues that directly influence you.

CYC organises events, seminars, workshops and activities that provide the necessary space for its members to exchange good practices, interests and experience on any youth related topic.

Youth work helps young people to reach their full potential. It encourages personal development, autonomy, initiative and participation in society through non-formal and informal learning.