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Θάλασσες & Ακτές, Ελέυθερες & Καθαρές 2019

📌H Νεολαία Οικολόγων δηλώνει παρόν και φέτος στην μεγάλη εκστρατεία “Clean Up The Med”, για τον καθαρισμό της Μεσογείου, της Ιταλικής Οργάνωσης “Legambiente”! Οι θάλασσες και οι παραλίες μας εκπέμπουν S.O.S. και ζητούν και τη…

European Youth Conference – Finland 2019

📌National Working Group of Cyprus for #YouthDialogue has participated to the EU Youth Conference in Helsinki, from 1st to 3rd of July 2019. 🗣The thematic of the conference was #YouthWork and several multi-dimensional implementations of the term in different countries. 👥#NWGcy was…


Structured Dialogue

Structured Dialogue is a process that empowers you, yes YOU!

CYC organises events, seminars, workshops and activities that provide the necessary space for its members to exchange good practices, interests and experience on any youth related topic.

Structured Dialogue is a process, or a tool if you like, that empowers you, yes YOU! The Youth, to speak your mind and express your concerns on the issues that directly influence you.