Engaging together for a sustainable and inclusive Europe The EU Youth Dialogue is the European participatory process which, through cycles of 18 months over a priority topic, supports the implementation of the EU Youth Strategy and ensures the involvement of young people in the decision-making process in the field of youth in Europe through a dialogue between young people and decision-makers. The 9th cycle of the EU Youth Dialogue is running from the 1st of January 2022 until the 30 of June 2023 under the Trio Presidency of France-Czech Republic-Sweden. The thematic framework of the 9th cycle is Youth Goal #10 Sustainable Green Europe and Youth Goal #3 Inclusive Societies under the title: “Engaging together for a sustainable and inclusive Europe”.

Consultation Phase Methodology The EUYD9 consultation phase ran from January 2022 to August 2022. During this time National Working Groups (�) in the member states of the European Union conducted consultation activities with young people through either physical, virtual youth dialogue events and participatory visual methodologies, or by giving feedback on EUYD themes through surveys (either online or offline), opinion polls and other similar consultation activities. The aim of the consultations was to explore the young people’s opinions regarding Youth Goals #10 Sustainable Green Europe and Youth Goal #3 Inclusive Societies and more specifically in relation to the 5 sub-themes of: Information and Education, Action and Empowerment, Governance, Mobility and Solidarity & Access to Infrastructure.

The aim is to record young people’s opinion in relation to: • Information and education in relation to the climate crisis and environmental issues.

• Awareness on educational opportunities and experiences available to them. • Youth participation and young people’s engagement to mechanisms and decision-making processes. • Access to eco-friendly infrastructure and available options for living a more sustainable lifestyle.

Total Number of EUYD Participants

Overall, 22,719 young people around the EU were engaged in the consultation phase by the National Working Groups.

The National Working Group of Cyprus managed to engage in the process of consultations 4,555 young people in total.

This is the highest number of young people participating in the Consultation Phase 9th Cycle of the EU Youth Dialogue from a single EU member-state.

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