From September 12th to 14th, a last meeting on the Erasmus+ project “Better Strategies for Youth, Youth for Better Strategies” was held in Zagreb. During this meeting, participants have evaluated last year and a half of research and advocacy project work, but also thought about further follow-up steps for ensuring the sustainability of project’s results. Although project formally ends this September – after consultations with national bodies in the field of youth (held in partner countries), advocacy efforts are continuing both at national and European level (European Union and Council of Europe). Project has strengthened national youth councils in their future work, as it has also resulted with extensive research and recommendations providing a solid basis for further activities dealing with quality youth policies.  This is primarily connected to developing and implementation fo the strategic documents in the field of youth, at national (including regional and local) level, but also those at the European level such as EU Youth Strategy.

Research and recommendations developed through this project are included in the publication “Mapping of Key Issues in Developing and Implementing Youth Policy Strategic Documents”. “Better Strategies for Youth, Youth for Better Strategies” is project led by the Croatian Youth Network, in partnership with other six national youth councils (from Austria, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Romania, Cyprus and Italy) and research experts from Welsh organization People and Work Unit, including one of the world’s most famous experts in the youth policy field, prof. Howard Williamson.

Project partners: Österreichische Kinder und Jugendvertretung Verein, National Youth Forum Bulgaria, Cyprus Youth Council, People and Work Unit, Federatia Consiliul Tineretului din Romania, Mladinski Svet Slovenije, Forum Nazionale Dei Giovani Associazione