SATURDAY 3/12 at «Επι σκηνής» in Aglantzia

11.00-13.00 «10 minute super meals!» with Zoe Kavaltzi
Who said that you have to cook for hours in order to eat healthy? During the workshop «10 minute super meals!» you are going to prove to yourself that healthy eating is much easier than you thought. Join us and find out what someone is able to prepare in the kitchen in 10 minutes!

15.00-16.00 «Dance therapy» with Anna Finessi
Through music and movement, we dive into a creative process, which makes us feel better in our bodies, souls and minds. You don’t need to be a dancer or to have specific abilities, you just need to be yourself. “When we start to convert our ‘I cannot’ in ‘I can’, with our own rythm, that’s when changes happen, and dance becomes a therapy. Why is it a therapy? Because I say ‘I change to feel better’.” (María Fux, founder of the Dancetherapy method)

16.30-18.00 «Yoga for wellbeing» with Charalampos Paphitis
Benefits from yoga are already well known! This yoga session is more beneficial because it combines exercises with spiritual concentration and calmness. Three things that are directly connected to our wellbeing. The session is for everyone, even people who had never done yoga before! Bring with you a yoga matt (if you have) and a small blanket.

SUNDAY 4/12 at YEU Office

11.00-13.30 «Take the lead to your wellbeing» with Eleni Michael
Your wellbeing is your matter. So, take it in your hands! Come and get to know the steps you can adopt for a more positive perspective of life and reach wellbeing.

15.00-16.00 «Preparing cosmetics from natural products» with Pavlina Platonos
Have you ever wonder what is included in your daily facial cream? Nature gives us whatever we need in order to be healthy, so we should learn how we can take care of ourselves away from chemicals. Together we will prepare body creams from beeswax and deodorants. What should you bring? 1-2 small empty bottles 40ml (we are funs of reusing so prefer to bring bottles that you already have at home).

16.30-18.00 «Learning to meditate» with Charalampos Paphitis
Learn how you can include meditation in your everyday life by using easy techniques. So, you will be able to relax from everything that stresses you and therefore be healthier. Bring with you a small pillow or a small blanket.

YEU Office:
27, Ezekia Papaioannou, 1075 Λευκωσία
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«Επι σκηνής»:
Grigoriou Lampraki 13, Aglantzia 2108, Nicosia