The impact of demographic change in Europe

  • June 18, 2020
598 702 Cyprus Youth Council

The European Commission has released a report about the impact of demographic change in Europe.

It states that by 2070 the 30.3% of the population is expected to be aged 65 years or older and the 13.2% is projected to be aged 80 years or older, affecting sectors of society such as the economy and health, as the number of people in productive age reduced by 40 million. Health systems will also be burdened due to the increase of the elderly citizens number.

The shrinking working-age population increasing the need for Europe to strengthen its labour market, so the Commission suggests:

  • Boosting the employment rate of women.
  • Progress with bringing older workers into employment.
  • Investing in the qualifications of people with low educational levels.
  • Bringing people with different backgrounds.
  • Opening up the labour market to people with disabilities.
  • More inclusive labour market, combating all forms of discrimination.
  • The transition to a climate- neutral and digital economy.
  • Automation of technology.
  • Highly- skilled, well- trained and adaptable workforce.