Campaign To Increase the Erasmus + Budget X10

  • August 8, 2019
1024 1024 Cyprus Youth Council

👀In the eyes of many, Erasmus + is considered elitist. The grants for individual mobilities are not enough for people who are underprivileged and who cannot complement funds to support living costs in another country.

👏Launched by the Lifelong Learning Platform, the #ErasmusX10campaign aims at gathering support and commitment from EU and national representatives to increase the budget of the Erasmus+ programme by ten times.

✈️A tenfold greater Erasmus + budget means more financial support for mobility, based on social economic background and family of the individual, also depending on the living costs in regions where the mobility take place, in particular taking into consideration accommodation costs which are very often a barrier for mobility.

📬It also means more money allocated to communication campaigns to increase the visibility of the programme to rural and marginalised youth.

So far, the campaign has secured a proposal from the European Commission to increase the budget by double and the European Parliament is calling for tripling it.

💪Nevertheless, the campaign continues to pursue more funding.

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