ERYICA Young Ambassadors for Youth Information (YAYI)

  • January 25, 2021
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ERYICA Young Ambassadors for Youth Information (YAYI)

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👉What is a YAYI?

Are you aged between 18 and 25 and living in a European country? Are you passionate about youth information, young people’s access to rights and information as a right in
itself for all young people?

If you are, you could become an ERYICA Youth Ambassador and advocate for young people’s right to information.

👉Eligibility & Selection

To become a Youth Ambassador, you should be:
● Between the ages of 18 – 25;
● Actively involved in your community;
● Passionate about youth information, young people’s access to rights and access to information as a right in itself for all young people;
● Stay engaged until April 2022 or longer;
● Motivated to speak in public about youth information; and
● Strongly motivated to make a change.

👉Why does ERYICA have YAYIs?

The European Youth Information and Counselling Agency (ERYICA) is an independent European organisation composed of national youth information coordination bodies and networks. ERYICA’s role is to foster cooperation in the field of youth information work
and services; to develop, support and promote quality general youth information policy and practice at all levels; and to ensure that the information needs of young people
and the principles of the European Youth Information Charter are respected.
Our vision is to uphold young people’s right to full and reliable information, which helps them make their choices in their lives, promoting their autonomy and active participation in a democratic society.
As an ‘all about youth’ network, it is essential to include young people’s perspectives in developing all products and services that target youth. The active involvement of young people within our network is crucial if we consider ourselves a network that genuinely
represents young people. We would like to ensure that ERYICA is properly and fully represented at all relevant events by the young people for whom we exist.

👉What is in it for me?

Becoming a YAYI you will find out more about youth information and counselling and acquire the necessary skills to communicate in public. You will feel empowered to participate in various events, debates, campaigns and advocacy at different levels.

You will be part of a selected group of young people in your country.

You will have a significant role in:

– Co-creating the Youth InfoPEERs training manual. You will become a peer educator in youth information and learn about the importance of peer-to-peer activities to ensure that more young people know about and make use of youth information and counselling services;
– Co-creating the INFObassadors training manual . You will learn about advocacy for youth information and decision-making processes at the European level ;
– Creating the iAdvocate Online MOOC on carrying out a successful online advocacy campaign .

You will also co-organise a local multiplier level event in your country and a final joint seminar in Brussels with decision-makers.

👉We offer to you :

– constant support from your sending organisation;
– a dynamic non-formal learning experience;
– online exchanges and cooperation with young people from other countries;
– participation in the ERYICA network, and therefore contribute to the development of the youth information sector in Europe;
– access to courses, resources and events.

Once you are selected to be a Youth Ambassador at the local level, you will have the opportunity to be chosen among the group’s members to take part in the piloting phase of the training manuals along with other YAYI from other European countries:

1) The Youth Ambassadors training course will take place in Slovenia or online , depending on the Covid-related situation, in spring 2021;
2) The Youth InfoPEERs training course, where you will take place in Spain in September 2021;

A representation of Youth Ambassadors will also be present during the joint seminar in Brussels.

You will be selected to participate in the training and in the Brussels’ event, considering your initial application, motivation, and active participation in the group .

We expect you to engage until April 2022 . We estimate that you will have to commit between 1 and 2 hours per week on average . After that, your commitment will continue, albeit sporadically, as a member of the ERYICA Youth Ambassadors network.

Official recognition for the work you carry out, namely the YouthPass and the ERYICA Certificate, will be provided.

👉What will my role be?

As an ERYICA Youth Ambassador, you will be the voice of young people in youth information development processes. Your role is to represent the network at the event or activity you have been assigned or applied to. Remember that you are representing
ERYICA, 40 members in 29 different countries from all over Europe.

As an ERYICA YAYI, you must commit to supporting ERYICA with friendliness, tolerance, cooperativeness, and diligence. You must familiarise yourself with the aims and activities of ERYICA.

You may find yourself attending events or be working on other projects, disseminating project results or surveys or contributing to developing new tools for youth information workers . You could also play a role in deciding the organisation’s strategic direction and attend some key ERYICA events.


🤔Will you be one of our Youth Ambassadors?

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