European Youth Festival 2018 | The Youth Council of Cyprus has dynamically delivered its present!

  • June 15, 2018
1024 675 Cyprus Youth Council

From 1-2 June 2018, the European Youth Event took place in Strasbourg, with more than 8000 young people from all over Europe expressing their opinions on Youth Policies inside and outside the European Parliament.

The Cyprus Youth Council (CYC) has actively participated with a 12-member team, which was composed by the 9 Board Members and the three officers of CYC. CYC managed to take part in a variety of lectures and interactive workshops, that held in the European Parliament.

Along with the speeches in the Parliament, at the space outside YO!Fest was taking place. YO!Fest, which was organized by the European Youth Forum for the 10th year held a series of interactive workshops with young people from different backgrounds. YO!Fest managed to bring together young politicians, young activists, young environmentalists and youth workers to discuss the future of Youth in Europe.

The Cyprus Youth Council carried out its own activity under the name “#DigitalRevolution: Risks and Opportunities”, in the framework of the hub “Young and Old: Keeping up with the digital revolution”. The main goal of our quiz-game activity was to prove to our 30+ participants that the technological progress affects our daily lives, the way we work, study, etc and at the same time make them realize how much do they really know about the digital revolution and what the risks and opportunities are it entail. All the participants of the interactive quiz-game at the end of the activity received a usb-stick with all the answers to the questions, which was offered by the telecommunication company CYTA. CYC wanted through the use of USB to promote the paper-less culture among the participants.

Moreover, the Cyprus Youth Council as a supporter of Greater Nicosia 2021 had the opportunity to inform the European youth about the initiative and explain them the vision of having Nicosia as a Youth Capital in 2021.

It is worth noting that the Cypriot participants, coming from several NGOs, were for the first time ever over the 180, which made the presence of Cyprus at the European Youth Event stronger!

As Cyprus Youth Council, we would like to thank the National Agency of Cyprus for giving us the opportunity to participate in this festival. We would also like to thank the European Parliament Office in Cyprus for the continued support and, of course, the European Youth Forum for giving us the opportunity to be one of the 40+ partners of the YOfest.