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Greek-Cypriot Youth Political Parties

  2. EPALXI (F.M)
  3. NEDHK (Youth Democratic Party) (F.Μ)
  4. NEDISY (Youth Democratic Rally) (F.Μ)
  5. NEOI (Young Greens) (F.M)
  6. ΕDΕΚ Youth (F.Μ)
  7. ONED (Youth Organization of United Democrats) (F.Μ)
  8. Allileggii Youth (F.M)
  9. Youth Alliance (F.M)


Turkish-Cypriot Youth Political Parties

  1. KSP YOUTH (Youth Socialist Party) (A.M)
  2. Y.K.P. Youth (New Cyprus Party – Youth Department) (A.M)
  3. T.K.P. Youth Branch (Youth Communal Liberation Party) (A.M)
  4. BKP YOUTH (United Cyprus Youth Movement) (A.M)


Student Unions

  1. Κ.F. Proodeftiki (Student Movement) (F.Μ)
  2. F.P.K Protoporia (Cypriot Student Movement) (F.M)
  3. D.K.F. Agwnas (Democratic Student Movement) (F.M)
  4. DI.PA.K.F. Anagennisi (Cypriot Democratic Students Array) (F.M)


(F.Μ) = Full Member
(A.Μ) = Associate Member
(The organizations are listed in alphabetical order by category)

Religious Youth Organizations

  1. Youth Latin Community (NELK) (F.Μ)
  2. Armenian Youth Cyprus (Azatamar) (F.Μ)
  3. Maronite Catholic Youth (F.Μ)


Agricultural Youth Organizations

  1. Nea Agrotiki Kinisi (F.Μ)
  2. EKA Youth (Cypriot Farmers Union) (F.Μ)
  3. PEK Youth (F.Μ)
  4. Panagrotikos Youth (F.Μ)


Trade Unions

  1. Labour Youth D.E.O.K. (Democratic Labour Federation of Cyprus) (F.Μ)
  2. PEO Youth (Pancyprian Federation of Labour) (F.Μ)
  3. SEK Youth (Cyprus Workers Confederation) (F.Μ)


Youth Platforms

  1. CYCO (Cyprus Youth Centre Organization) (F.Μ)
  2. P.O.F.E.N. (Pancyprian Organisation of Student Associations)(F.Μ)
  3. P.S.E.M. (Pancyprian Coordinating Committee of Students) (F.Μ)
  4. Junior Chamber International Cyprus (JCI Cyprus) (F.Μ)


Turkish-Cypriot organizations

  1. MAGEM (A.Μ.)


Youth NGO’s

  1. Evagoras Gymnastic Club Famagusta – Youth Department (F.Μ)
  2. ESFC (European Social Forum Cyprus) (A.Μ)
  3. Epilogi (F.Μ)
  4. European Youth Parliament Cyprus (F.Μ)
  5. University of Cyprus Theatrical Group (C.Μ)
  6. KENTHEA (A.Μ)
  7. Youth for Exchange and Understanding (YEU Cyprus) (F.Μ)
  8. Cyprus Red Cross Youth Society (A.Μ)
  9. KISA Youth (Youth Movement for Equality, Support and Anti-racism) (A.Μ)
  10. Green Shield Youth (F.Μ)
  11. Cyprus Family Planning Association (CFPA) (F.Μ)
  12. Youth in Power (F.Μ.)
  13. Prosvasi (A.Μ)
  14. Association for the Prevention and Handling of Violence in the Family Youth Department (A.Μ)
  15. Periclis Demetriou Runners Association (F.Μ)
  16. Soma Akritwn (F.Μ)
  17. The Girl Guides Association of Cyprus (F.Μ)
  18. Cyprus Scouts (F.Μ)
  19. Life Skills Development Association (A.Μ)
  20. Friends of the Earth (A.Μ)
  21. ACCEPT LGTB Cyprus (F.Μ.)
  22. Cyprus Youth DiplomaCY (F.Μ)
  23. International Students Association (F.Μ)
  24. Nautilos SAR Youth (F.Μ)
  26. Plan Be, Plan it Be (F.Μ)
  27. Youth Dynamics (C.Μ)
  28. OXygono (F.M)
  29. ESN Nicosia (A.M)
  30. YoungShip Cyprus (A.M)
  31. Cyprus Medical Students’ Association – CyMSA (A.M)


(F.Μ) = Full Member
(A.Μ) = Associate Member

(C.Μ) = Collaborating Member
(The organizations are listed in alphabetical order by category)