Heritage Youth Ambassadors 🏛

  • Ιούνιος 7, 2019
693 960 Cyprus Youth Council

📣Are you a youth between 18-35 years old?

🙌🏽Are you interested in preserving and promoting cultural heritage in Cyprus?

👉🏽Then, what are you waiting for? Find out how to Become a Heritage Youth Ambassador!

About Heritage Youth Ambassadors
Heritage Youth Ambassadors will act as the “youth voice” of the TCCH and will be mandated by the committee to reach out to and engage with the young people of Cyprus. They will be selected from a diverse group of committed and inspiring young Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots who are leading efforts to promote and preserve the rich and diverse cultural heritage in Cyprus.


What can Heritage Youth Ambassadors expect to achieve?
Heritage Youth Ambassadors will be benefited for their commitment to the preservation of their cultural heritage through the following:
− Develop new skills and enhance their CV
− Gain knowledge and experience on the preservation of cultural heritage
− Gain experience in community engagement activities
− Participants are entitled to receive a certificate, confirming their participation in the activity.


🗯Want to know more about Heritage Youth Ambassadors?

🌐Then you should visit the new website of the Technical Committee on Cultural Heritage: http://tcchcyprus.com/


This project is supported by UNDP and EU.
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