Secretary of International Relations | Kleovoulos Stylianou

“The utilization of national and international programs that can be addressed to all young people in our society, from different categories, is a priority for the new Secretariat of SYNK, so as to contribute to the development of both individual and collective action of the youth of our place. These programs should respond to young people’s social conditions and needs, offering them opportunities to acquire useful knowledge and skills. ”

Brief CV:

Konstantinos is one of the youngest members of the council. He comes from the province of Paphos where he is active locally, in the organisation he represents. He is a member and representative of the Cyprus Scout Corps, one of the most prominent member organizations of SYNK. Konstantinos is an undergraduate student of TEPAK with significant participation in the representation of students in the organs of his university. He is also a member of the national team of Youth Ambassadors of the European Youth Dialogue, as well as other council programs. He is inspired by the energy and knowing him better, one can easily characterize him as a person with a “restless spirit”. Konstantinos represented both SYNK and Cyprus in local, European and international conferences and activities for young people. He believes in and will always promote the important role of the Youth Council as a coordinating and representative body of all Cypriot Youth organizations, always accepting diversity and including everyone for the best and most effective representation of young people.