General Secretary | Despina Panayiotou


“Developing national and international Programmes that can be addressed to all youth of our society, from all different social categories, is a high priority for the new CYC Secretarial, so as we can actually contribute in the development of the individual and the collective action of our country’s youth. These Programmes will have to be corresponding to the social circumstances and the needs of the youth,giving them the opportunity of acquiring useful knowledge and skills.”

Short Bio:

Despina Panayiotou is a Law graduate of De Montfort University, Leicester. Her involvement with public issues was expressed from school years, as she was active in the student movement, getting to know the values of  collective assertion of rights. In her university years she had already developed these values by participating as a member of Students’ Movement Proodeftiki in the National Federation of Cypriot Students in the United Kingdom. Today, she is actively participating in the Childrens’ Movement and the Youth workerks section of EDON and as a member of the International Relations Bureau, participates in the international action of the Organisation.