President’s Greeting

  • October 22, 2017
681 1024 Cyprus Youth Council

Dear friends and youngsters,

We would like to welcome you to the Cyprus Youth Council’s (CYC) website, a space created in an effort to inform the Cypriot youth, our colleagues and friends, in respect with all matters related to CYC, by providing easily and promptly accessible, accurate information to both our member youth organizations, as well as all youngsters of Cyprus.

The main aim of CYC is to strengthen and empower the young people of Cyprus, through the support provided to its member youth organizations, in synergy with their representation, in both local and European level, through its active involvement in various forums.

On our website you can find relevant information in respect with the history and statute of CYC, our member organizations, our various policy papers and the numerous actions and events, both of CYC as well as our member organizations.

Among the long-term objectives of the CYC, is the mobilization of the young generation of our country, as well as the strengthening of the relations between the youth organizations in Cyprus, but also more broadly with the young people of all the communities of the island. It is our deep conviction that the future of our country belongs to the younger generation and we at CYC firmly believe in the potentials of our country’s young generation, their innovative ideas, as well as their profound will for a better future, because they truly deserve it. In CYC. we have the will, the desire and the courage to collectively and in coordination to assert the rights of the youth of our country.

Finally, it is our strong belief that we must all join forces and work productively and in coordination for the aforementioned necessity for the empowerment of the youth organizations in Cyprus and the cooperation between them, for the benefit of the Cypriot youth. For this reason, we would like to assure you that CYC, having the leading role in this effort, it assumes its responsibilities and is trying its utmost to achieve it.

Warm regards

Marios Philippou