Member – Organizations Activities

Domestic Violence Helplines

Confinement due to #covid_19 increases the intensity and frequency of violence against women and children.

Earth Hour 2020

Cyprus Youth Council supports Earth Hour 2020: Cyprus! Tomorrow, between 20:30-21:30 we #stayhome and turn off our lights for 60…

Meetings with Member-Organisations: POFEN

POFEN is the appeal body for students in Cyprus and participates in decision-making processes with state institutions on issues regarding students and youth.

Live Music Night: Turn the music on and smile!

You are invited to join us on February 19 at RED Live Nicosia, where Medical Students will showcase their music talent and their prettiest smile and raise their voice for charity.

Do you want to join our Youth Ambassadors team?

📣Would you like to be part of the Youth Ambassadors Team for the EU Youth Dialogue? Would you like to participate in European conferences and meet youngsters from all over the EU? Would you like to help in the collection of the ideas and opinions of the youngsters in your country?