Elena Polyviou | Pool of Trainers

Name: Elena Polyviou

Email: polyvelena@hotmail.com


  • Applied Drama
  • Drama as social intervention
  • Drama and Theatre in Education
  • Youth Empowerment


I have been working as a drama practitioner with different age groups for the last 13 years. Some of the workshops I have run have been with teenagers, children, young offenders, prisoners, immigrants and refugees. Moreover, I have participated in seminars and conferences as a trainer proposing the use of drama techniques as methods of non formal education as well as a way to promote self confidence and social empowerment.  I am also one of the creators of Learning Attitude Arts and Education Centre, is a place that offers theatre, dance and art classes to children, young people and adults.


Ι was born and raised in Agia Marinouda, a small village in  Paphos, Cyprus. I have studied Greek philology at the University of Crete, Greece and completed my Masters degree in Applied Drama in the UK.  I believe that young people have so much to offer as they make their way through life. It is for us to explore with them as many avenues as possible and to enable them to realise their full potential. So, as a researcher I am interested in using drama techniques to empower young people, inspire them and make them believe in themselves in order to VOICE UP for a sustainable community.


Greek, English


“You can achieve anything as long as you truly believe in it”.