Vice President A’ | Antonis Kourras


“Τhe Youth of Cyprus stands as a bridge between our passing generation and the future ones. That is the reason why unity is required. The key to a united Youth begins firstly by accepting the diversity of our country, and by the collaboration between the young people of today. I have always believed that every person can achieve what he aims, if he works hard. I am deeply convinced that based on our dreams, we can create even more. So Let us all work together for a united Youth”

Short Bio:

Antonis Kourras is a hard working, ambitious and enthusiastic person. He was born in Nicosia however his origin is from Kormakitis thence he is a member of the Maronite community of Cyprus. Antonis graduated from the University of Cyprus in 2013, having acquired a Bachelor degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering. He speaks Greek, English, Cypriot Maronite Arabic and Turkish. His passion and concern about the youth of Cyprus can be seen through his continuous involvement in the Maronite community. Antonis currently serves as the General Organiser of the Catholic Maronite Youth of Cyprus, as well as the Youth Secretary and Press Officer of the Kormakitis football club. These key roles provide Antonis with the vital abilities of leadership and collaboration with others. Finally he truly believes that diversity and acceptance are the vital factors for a united Youth.