Public Relations Secretary | Chrysanthos Constantinides


“Don’t forget to experience as experiences define your lifeline!”

Short Bio:

As a young individual, he deeply believes that each younger generation inherits the wisdom and experiences of the previous one. We hold the power and have the passion to change and reform the world as we know it, OUR world. We can create a better future for current and prospect generations! He firm believes that the beauty of diversity in all forms, including religious, cultural, sexual, or else, is actually what brings us together and not what drives us apart. Professionally he is a Digital Marketing Professional, employed in the news and media industry, with additional expertise in the retail and tourism industries. His key strengts are chritical and creative thinking. He has a self-driven personality with high energy levels. He is a fan of emerging digital media technologies. His moto is “Let’s change the world for the better, together!”