Vice President B’ | Semeli Kyriacou


“Leadership in Youth is strictly correlated with development and implementation of proposals with regards to youth issues and the development of awareness of EU youth programmes and opportunities. In fact, the Cyprus Youth Council is probably the only youth organisation in Cyprus, which brings together Political Parties’ Youth organisations and NGOs. As a result C.Y.C. has emerged as a pioneer and leader on youth policy making, on volunteerism, as well as a youth rights advocate for young Cypriots, at local and European level.”

Short Bio:

Semeli is a practicing architect, graduate of the University of Sheffield, Leeds Becketts University and the English School of Nicosia. She has an expertise in 3D visualisation and animation and in BIM. Meanwhile, due to her great interest in the history of Cyprus, she has  conducted research on ecclesiastical architecture, in medieval and ottoman Cyprus. Her important involvement in student representation and voluntary – charity  organisations, have allowed her to apply her knowledge and use her experience to effectively contribute in a well rounded manner at the Cyprus Youth Council for the past and current secretariat mandate.